It’s time to change

Agile is Fascinating, but not Trivial .

Consider changes in habits, behaviors, skills, competences, etc. It means we need to know what approach, methodology or framework could better fit any transformation, but what about the people side?
What about individual and interactions? How to cope with people resitance and hesitation?

This was the topic of my speech in Rome at ISIPM event.


Here you can find the presentation on slideshare.

Enjoy 🙂

Speaking at ISIPM – Agile Project Management Event

May the 18th in Rome, I am giving a speech and participate to the final roundtable, at the event organized by the ISIPM (Italian Institution of Project Management) called “Agile Project Management”.

I will be speaking on how to increase the percentage of success of any Agile transition, by adopting an adequate approach to Change Management.

ISIPM - Agile Project Management Event

ISIPM – Agile Project Management Event

The event will be in May the 18th, from 2 pm to 5.45 pm and will take place here:
Roma Scout Center
Largo dello Scautismo 1
(ex Largo S.Ippolito)

Here you can find the brochure.

Video of my Talk at Italian Agile Days 2015

I am glad to share the video of my talk at Italian Agile Days 2015 about Resilience and agile Teams.



And this is the link to my slides.







Speaking at Italian Agile Day

I am speaking Saturday November 7th at Agile Days Conference in Brescia, about Resilience and Agile Teams.

Join us!


The Light Touch of the Agile Leadership (italian article)

How to enable creativity, innovation, and in the meanwhile, avoiding micro-managing?

Are you firstly focused on developing people and then processess and tools?

Are you curios about the talent of you collaborators or colleagues?

Well, you are on the right path towards to become an Agile Light Touch Leader (click here).



It’s time to Change article (italian)

One of my article published by TECNA Editrice about how to face any change using the ADKAR model.

Enjoy! 🙂

Leading SAFe Certification Courses (Rome, Milan)

March the 10th and 19th in Rome and April the 22th and 23th I will have the pleasure to give two sessions, in Rome and Milan, of the “Leading the Lean/Agile Software Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework®” course.


Article “Decision Making: a framework for today’s leaders” [italian]

Tecna Editrice published one of my article “Decision Making: a framework for today’s leaders [italian]“.

The article is based on the studies coming from Stacey and his matrix about simple, complicated and complex systems and the Cynefin framework created by Snowden.

Click HERE to read it.

Video and Slides of my webinar “Soft skills of an Agile Project Leader”

January the 27th I help the webinar “Soft skills of an Agile Project Leader” for the PMI Rome Italy Chapter.
Here below the links to the video and presentation.


Enjoy 🙂

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